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How to recover a corrupted archive of the Excel format?

Recovery Toolbox for Excel helps to repair damaged XLS, XLSX files

Boxshot of Recovery Toolbox for ExcelHow to repair Excel file? Recovery Toolbox for Excel (download) can help you solve this problem. It is used to extract information from corrupted Microsoft Excel files. This tool does not guarantee that the entire worksheet will be recovered. Part of information may be corrupted so badly that it will be just impossible to extract it. Nonetheless, it is much better to lose part of data (probably, a very small part) than to lose all of it. Besides, there are some objects that cannot be recovered: sorting parameters, comments, macros, hyperlinks, etc. But all of them are non-critical. The most important thing is that Excel fix tool can recover the contents of all cells, formulas, formatting, etc.

How to repair Excel file?

Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular tools for processing all kinds of information and that is why its worksheets often contain important data. But someday you may try to open the necessary *.xls, *,xlt, *.xlsx, xlsm, *.xltm, *.xltx, *.xlam file and see an error message on the screen instead of it: Microsoft Excel unable to read file, This file is not in a recognizable format, etc. Or Microsoft Excel will just finish its work and the following message will appear on the screen: EXCEL.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. All that means that the file with data has been corrupted. Various things may cause it: viruses, problems with media (a hard drive failure, a corrupted CD or DVD, etc.), errors in transferring the file via the LAN or the Internet, etc. Even if you exit Microsoft Excel incorrectly, it may corrupt the worksheet. So, the problem is clear. The worksheet won't open and it means that data in it is unavailable.

Information is recovered from corrupted worksheets in the following way. Right after you start the repair Excel file program, you should select the source file. The most comfortable way to do it is to use Windows Explorer where you can filter files of the *.xls, *,xlt, *.xlsx, xlsm, *.xltm, *.xltx, *.xlam formats. After that you can move on to the next step. The Excel repair tool will display a dialog box with the question whether this worksheet should actually be scanned. If you confirm it, the process of extracting data is started. The time it takes to extract data depends on the size of the source file. At the same time, the source worksheet is not modified in any way, no operations other than reading are applied to it.

How to repair Excel files after recovery?

How to repair Excel files after recovery? After scanning is over, Recovery Toolbox for Excel displays a table with all data that it has recovered in its window. This table looks very much like Microsoft Excel. Its cells have the same formatting as in the source file. The only difference is that the entire content of the table is displayed in one font and color. The Excel file repair tool allows you to view the entire information in a convenient form and to make sure that the tool reproduced it correctly. Recovery Toolbox for Excel supports multiple-sheet worksheets. So you can switch between sheets and check their contents in the preview window of the Excel fix tool.

The next step is exporting information recovered from the corrupted worksheet into Microsoft Excel. It can be done only in the registered version of Recovery Toolbox for Excel. You can do it using the Start Recovery button. A click on it opens Microsoft Excel (of course, it should be installed on the computer), a new worksheet is created in it and after that the process of exporting data starts. It is not advisable to do anything with the information until the process is over: edit or save it. Right after the process is over, Recovery Toolbox for Excel will show a report with the entire information about it. You can close the excel repair tool after you view the report. After that you can switch to Microsoft Excel and do everything necessary with the worksheet that contains all information that the tool was able to recover from the corrupted file: cell values, their sizes, formulas, font formatting, etc.

How to repair an Excel file 2007?

How to repair an Excel file 2007? Thus, with Recovery Toolbox for Excel, you can easily and quickly recover information that seems to be lost forever. It is especially important because worksheets are usually used to process statistical, scientific, commercial and other really important data. Even one corrupted file may become a serious problem in all these cases. And you cannot completely rule out such a possibility. There is always a risk of corrupting worksheets, even if you just store them on the hard drive. Let alone those cases when you need to send or carry them somewhere. That is why Recovery Toolbox for Excel is an indispensable tool that can really be useful quite a lot.

XLS repair

Other features of Recovery Toolbox for Excel are fix of damaged *.xls, *.xlsx files of all versions of Microsoft Excel as opposed to other Excel repair tools. The XLS repair tool read corruppted files and export recovered data into Microsoft Excel or new *.xlsx file.

Features of Recovery Toolbox for Excel:

  • The Recovery Toolbox for Excel tested under Windows 98.
  • The Excel recovery tool can fix Excel files under Windows Me.

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